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Chance2Study selects the students carefully. Students have to be very motivated to follow the education and unable to finance is themselves. There are no age limits for the grant application. By financing their education we provide the children a chance to develop themselves and to improve their future chances. Of course, there are requirements concerning attendance and contact with the NGO.


Chance2Study focusses mainly on vocational education and university. Moreover, we support English school with an official curriculum.


Chance2Study cooperates with a variety of educational institutes in Cambodia. These institutes are carefully selected and satisfy our cooperation conditions. At the moment we cooperate with five educational institutes. With these partner organisations we offer a broad spectrum of educations. We offer English lessons via a strict curriculum at a private Australian school, all bachelors at three of the best universities in Siem Reap and an education in catering and tourism at a vocational school. The school tuition or fee is paid directly to the institutes.


Our financial and project plans contain more information in detail. These are available on request.




Chance2Study finances the education of underprivileged youths in Cambodia.
The approach is direct, local and transparent.


  • Direct support: the support is directly given to (as a financial schollarship of a specific education) given to people from the target group. We select the students ourselves and we pay the tuition directly to the education institute.

  • Local support: the students will participate in local schools and education institutes. Additionally, we cooperate with local organisations and contact persons. 

  • ​Transparent support: stakeholders are able to have full disclosure of the financial situation of the NGO, as well as their activities and the results of programs. 


Sponsored students






Partner education

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